Built in 2005 REVV is the market leader of alternative metal jewelry. Titanium, Cobalt, Ceramic, and Stainless Steel, the most common of REVV's alternative metals, are important for their relative costs compared to traditional precious metals (gold, silver, or platinum) as well as their non-traditional appeal.

They are also known for their strength, durable polish and hypoallergenic qualities. REVV embodies today's high fashion with its modern style, innovative craftsmanship, creative design and affordable pricing.

With its visually enthralling appeal, the REVV collection is truly unique, featuring new advances in alternative metals and stateof-the-art technologies.

Powerfully accented with diamonds, 14K Yellow and Rose Gold, Sterling Silver, Carbon Microfiber, and Steel Cable treatments, the REVV collection is the epitome of energetic sophistication. REVV's Rings, Bracelets, Cuff Links, Pendants and Money Clips are popular in every fashion venue from casual to couture. REVV is the most unique brand on the market of its kind today with thousands of retail locations worldwide.

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