All metals used in the REVV jewelry line are 100% hypoallergenic. Anyone can wear these metals without fear of a reaction. It's a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin or who have had problems wearing other metals.

All REVV metals can be engraved. It must be done with specialized engraving machinery. Because of the metals strength, the machine must be able to penetrate the metal, but not too deep so this will make the metal brittle. Even though the engraving will not be deep, it is permanent and will not wear off like it does on other metals.

All engraving should be done with a laser. All the information supplied for engraving must be exact (type, size type, wording, spelling, etc.) once it's engraved, it can't be undone.

Unfortunately, ceramic, cobalt, and tungsten cannot be sized. These metals are too hard for conventional jewelry tools. For your convenience, these metals are offered in sizes from 5 to 13. Titanium can be sized however it is not easy and only by a professional Titanium manufacturer. In addition, it can only be sized to 1 size. For you convenience, this metal is offered in half sizes from 8.5 to 13.

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